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Running tip: fun running

8.5 million French people (20% of the population) practice running or jogging, whether you need to improve your physical condition, health, weight loss, or just feel good. Easy to practice, inexpensive, running, compatible with busy schedules. So I’m going to give you my advice on how to equip yourself correctly? How to get started? How […]

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Body fat percentage

Many of you, I would even say, are more and more worried about your appearance, diet, diet as part of strength training. To know where you want / need to go, you need to know where you are in terms of your fat mass. Therefore, you should be able to measure this fat and include […]

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Whey Protein: How To Choose It?

They are contained in powder and are sometimes packaged in capsules as nutritional supplements. Proteins, commonly referred to as “prot” proteins, are the leading bodybuilding products in high demand. , crossfit, bodybuilding, etc. mainly to optimize muscle growth. Safe protein as a dietary supplement is unnecessary, but above all very practical! Whey protein is the […]

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Marathon and women: from delusion to success

In the 1990s, between 6% and 7% of marathon participants were women. Today at the finish line almost 10,000 “finishers” are finishing the race! If this is impressive in France, in the United States it is much more than in Boston or Chicago, where 40% to 45% of women participate … An essential fact is […]

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Piloxing fitness between pilates boxing and dancing

The term piloxing consists of two activities: When combined, this gives Piloxing! Piloxing is a workout program between dance, boxing and Pilates. This was created between 2009 and 2010 by Vivek Jensen, professional dancer, Pilates and fitness teacher. Worn by Hollywood stars, Piloxing has conquered over 30 countries and recently arrived in France. Who is […]

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Olivia Mius and Frederic Mompo’s Diet Bodybuilding Book

This new work by nutritionist Olivia Mius and renowned bodybuilder Frederic Mompo has just been released. In the program: EVERYTHING! Indeed, with a name so extended, we feel like we fit a number of important subjects in dietetics to solve every possible problem. In this article, of course, I will read the book, I will […]

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Endurance Sports: Danger to Teeth

As surprising as the title of this article may sound, endurance sports have an effect on our dental health. Why is endurance a threat to your teeth? When you exercise, you pass a large amount of air through your lungs, and therefore, most of the time your mouth is open. This large opening of the […]

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Fitness clothing for women

The renowned JustFab recently launched a new online sales site for women’s sportswear in partnership with Kate Hudson: Fabletics. The site announces a new way of shopping. I wanted more details … Follow the instructions! can you find in Fabletics? Fabletics brings you clothes: Zumba clothing sportswear Fitness Clothing Yoga Pants Zumba Pants T-shirt Sweat […]

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When Bodybuilding Becomes Addiction!

Sport is good for health, it’s a fact. Like everyone else, we know that excess can be unhealthy. Today in our Bodybuilding & Fitness Blog we will tell you how and why we get into sports and more about bodybuilding and bodybuilding. Sports, like any passion, can become dangerous for those who practice it without […]

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Nutritional analysis of your 53 favorite drinks and sodas

Would you eat 5 sugars at the same time? A French person consumes an average of 1.5 liters of sugary drink a week, or 27 lumps of sugar. The entire world consciously knows that drinks such as fruit juices, sodas, colas, etc. are certainly not good for your health. And yet, many people consume them […]