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How to make pecs and triceps pips?

In bodybuilding, fitness, indoors or at home, failure is the premier muscle-building exercise in sports that fits seamlessly into a resistance training program.

This basic two-way movement targets different muscle groups.

In this article, we’ll teach you (tips, precautions, techniques) everything you need to achieve optimal bounce!

What failures?

This is a basic exercise in effective bodybuilding and can be done in a number of ways:

  • Machine use
  • Between two benches
  • On the bench
  • Between two chairs

This exercise involves placing your arms parallel on uneven bars, chairs or benches and lifting.

Do chest push-ups or triceps work?

This exercise targets both the triceps and the pectoral muscles, on the other hand, it should be recognized that the pectoral muscles are more difficult to work with.

Everything will depend on how you perform them.

What muscles are you gaining?

Triceps recruited by dips are as follows:

  • Long Head Triceps
  • Triceps medial large
  • Triceps, large lateral
  • Aconé

The following muscles are used in the liver:

  • Deltoid muscle, anterior bundles
  • Pectoralis major

How to make dips:

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Take the most common example of dips on the uneven bars.

Place your hands on the hooked bars neutral, that is, with a natural grip (lighter), thumbs forward.

Place your legs folded backward or forward depending on the muscle group you want to work with.

Fold your arms to descend to the ground, then press down on your arms to return to the starting position using your triceps and / or your pecs.

Tips for Making Better Dips:

If the pectoral muscles are overloaded muscles, aiming at the chest with dips is not easy.

Indeed, triceps and shoulders often start to affect your exercise.

To optimize your chest muscles, do the following.

Attach your chin to your chest to get as many of your breasts as possible and minimize work. your triceps.

1- Change the width of the handle:

Some machines offer V-shaped rods, which means the rods are not parallel but spread apart, allowing you to hold them firmly to a wide width.

The wider you take, the more important the work of the pectoral muscles is. .

However, beware of muscle tears. The harder it is, the greater the risk, and the pectoralis muscle will stretch more and more.

2-Dip Machine for Pecs:

Do not fully extend your arms.

By extending your arms, you will be mainly tensing the triceps, keeping their arms stretched less to maintain a constant tension on the augers.

The drawback under heavier load on these machines is that it feels like being pushed out. Working one way can solve this recurring problem.

Some machines allow you to have counterweight under your knees to help you progress quickly.

3- Tuck in trapezoid stones

One way is not to bend your elbows, but to lower your head down with your body, without moving your remaining arms.

You have your head between the trapezoids.

Leaving In the head you will work on the chest.

The Best Triceps Workout with Weights | Shape

To optimize your triceps:

dips are basic triceps exercises.

1- Put your head up:

Pay attention to the position of the head!

Indeed, keep your head straight with your gaze slightly toward the ceiling, which will help promote your posture and keep your bust straight.

De in this way, the more you will use your triceps and minimize the involvement of the pectoral muscles.

2- Semi-pronation:

For more difficult work, place your hands in semi-pronation, that is, keeping your thumbs in the direction of your chest.

Working your triceps will be more important, but beware of keeping your elbows healthy.

3- The upper part of the movement is more important:

There is no point in going too low!

On the other hand, as you go up, stretch your arms up.

This will create additional resistance.

4- Reverse dips:

Position yourself lore re 2 benches.

Placing your feet on the bench lightens the weight of your feet and makes movement easier. Also ideal for women and men just starting out.

You will gain strength with this reverse diving technique.

5 – Triceps machine sauce:

If you train with weights indoors, you can’t miss the submersible machines.

Thanks to them, you can add or remove ballast very quickly.

The main problem most of them have to do with the service they offer. You may indeed get the impression that you were kicked out.

To solve this problem, we recommend that you use these machines unilaterally.

6- Falling on the rings:

Difficult exercise due to its technique and instability.

Focus on your wrists!

7- weighted dips:

To go even further, you can also use ballast.

Weight dips with weight:

To emphasize triceps or pitch work, you can add complexity by adding ballast, which can be:

  • Dumbbell between thighs
  • A dumbbell between your calves
  • Elastic band attached to the ground and around your waist
  • Use a belt with chain and hang the Weighing Discs on it

Resistance will be more important and muscle set will be optimized.

Attention, weight work is already good, do not use weight only if you feel the need. No need to load 100 kg.

Tips to go further:

1- On failure, lose weight for a few more reps.

2- Still not helping, give a small kick on the ground or bench for extra reps.

Pre-launch warning:

Do you feel a tingling sensation?

If you feel a tingling sensation in your hands or one of two, bring your chin to your chest.

Don’t Descend Too Fast:

Beware of downhill descents as this can lead to chest tears and / or elbow pain.

This may be because your fall is not slowing down.

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