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Grid Foam Roller Massage Roller Exercise

We see this more and more often in our gyms, on Instagram, in Décathlon, Go Sport, Intersport and other stores.

The Grid Foam Roller is a renowned foam roller that will allow you to relax, relieve muscle pain and tension.

I’ll show you how to become, I hope, your best ally with exercise videos and photos, and tell you where you can buy the Foam Roller.

A little gem to have! To try is to accept it.

Briefly about the foam roller:

Etymologically, foam means foam and roller means roller.

Thus, the foam roll is a foam roll.

Therefore, it has the shape of a tube of different lengths and circumferences, depending on the model.

There are very simple smooth ones and others with hairpins, of different types depending on the model, this is the Grid Foam Roller.

Advantages of mesh foam roller:

Often used in Pilates and Yoga, the Grid Foam Roller offers many benefits:

  • Stretching the muscles (flexibility / flexibility)
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Injury Prevention: Relaxed muscles are less prone to injury
  • Improving blood circulation: pressing the body against the roller
  • Strengthening the abdominal girdle (abs)
  • Body relaxation (myofascial self-release): removes knots
  • Improving joint amplitude: with multi-joint exercises
  • Massage roller
  • etc.

Thanks to its pins, the Grid Foam Roller removes the so-called “trigger points”, literally “trigger points”.
These are points that can be located anywhere on your body and cause you a feeling of discomfort, up to the sensation of pain.

This is what is colloquially called “nodes”. They can be of psychological or physical origin (muscle pain, injury, decreased mobility, etc.).

Like acupressure or deep tissue massage, you free your body!

Who can use the mesh roller?

Indeed, it can be used at any age, for athletes and non-athletes.

For non-athletes, it allows you to offer you a full body relaxation session.

For athletes, it can be used whenever you want, before sports to warm up, after sports to stretch and rest outside of sports days for guaranteed relaxation. The Grid Foam Roller can fit perfectly into your training routine.

For everyone to release from the tensions associated with your daily life, stress at work, the vagaries of life, etc.

Basically use it whenever you want, whenever you want and need it!

How to use the foam roller?

The Basics: Positioning the Foam Roll

The principle is to place a foam roller underneath your body:

  • Back of the head
  • Back (high, medium, low)
  • Your buttocks
  • Your hamstrings (back of your thigh)
  • Your quadriceps (part of the front of your thigh)
  • Calves
  • Ankles
  • Plantar arch
  • Triceps
  • Abdominals
  • Pieces of your body (oblique, etc.)

Two types of “movements”:

1- Static:

As with stretching, you can store the position for more than rs seconds (e.g. 30), up to 1 minute.

The goal is to relax the muscles, only you yourself evaluate your feelings and use the necessary time.

2- Rolling Foam:

Rolling means rolling.

You got this, as opposed to a static pose, you put part of your body on the foam roller and perform more or less wide movements.

In the beginning, we usually perform small movements to accurately target the area to relax (painful or not).

When the target is aimed, all you have to do is a slow rolling massage.

To emphasize the work, you can more or less voluntarily press your body against the roller for deeper and more powerful work.

Of course all of this is done by tightly squeezing the press Yes!

You will bring me the news. Guaranteed success!

Choose your foam rolling outfit:

Yes, here’s a good tip, using Foam Rolling on the skin isn’t the best, even if we’re not all in the same boat in terms of feel.

I advise you to use sweatpants, leggings (maybe not so thin) for women or men, etc. In fact, the foam roller pins can make the skin a little “bad” in the long run.

Some people use a small towel inserted between the body and the roller.

You have to test and choose what suits you!

Take a look at these 3 sites to find great clothes for your sessions:

Buy Grid Foam Roller:

You will find the Grid Foam Roller in your favorite stores like Go Sport, Décathlon, Intersport, etc. But I advise you to get them online, because you will find more variety in shapes, lengths, diameters and colors!

You can also get a nice roll of color you like

Buy the Nike Grid Foam Roller:

A super equipment manufacturer offers its own foam roller.

Nike roller with textured knit mesh available here for € 40:

Buy a trigger mesh video. :

Camouflage in vibrant colors, you will surely find your mesh roller, here from 38 € .

Buy a foam roller from Peak Fitness:

This fitness foam roller is available here for 33 € .

Size: 33 cm by 14 cm.

упражнения сетка пенный ролик

Foam roller exercises:

Under the pressure of your body against the foam roller, you are going to release the tension in your body.

Here’s a video demonstrating the exercises you can do with the foam roller:

My opinion on the Foam Roller Challenge grid:

To try is to accept it!

Even if it takes time to get your hands on it and take full advantage of its benefits, the Grid Foam Roller is what you need!

Of course, working in painful areas is not the most pleasant, but the goal for you is to relax.
A bit painful, but frankly relaxing for the future, so the fire is worth the candle.

Thanks to the stretching and a very large number of “possible exercises”, this allows you to properly raise your abs. Only benefit!

Indeed, when massaging, for example, the lower part of the body, you need to get the rest of the body in order to perform “rolling”.

Are you offering a good foam roller, not a massage?

So are you sure?

Let us know when you tested it!

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