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Muscle spasm: causes and solutions

Whether it’s sports, full sleep (the famous night cramps) or other, sometimes acute pains, overwhelm you. calf, leg, leg, look no further, it’s a cramp!

Cramping often occurs during exercise.

Stretching and straining can also damage your muscles, but cramping is harmless.

So what can you do to limit your seizures? What are the factors behind the onset of seizures?

What are seizures?

It is the contraction of the muscle that allows the joints of the bone to move.

These so-called striated muscles are inserted into the bones using tendons.

These muscles are made up of bundles and fibers.

If we enlarge these muscle fibers, we find myosin and actin filaments.

As you contract the muscles, these strands will slide over each other, contracting the muscle 20-50% after the muscle relaxes and returns to its original length.

This is a sudden muscle contraction and spasm!

If the principle of seizures is simple and does not cause muscle damage, the causes of seizures are difficult to find and vary from person to person.

Causes of seizures:

You will find that the reasons can be many and multifactorial.

It often happens that we cannot find the causes of a seizure, because the person has not been fully studied.

A cramp in the caviar appears not only due to the fact that a person walks a lot, but rather due to a lack of trace elements, more ions, etc.

It is because of this complexity of diagnostics that we do not always find the reason for their appearance.

Lack of ions:

One of the reasons for these seizures is the ion problem:

muscle fibers require the presence of ions such as potassium, sodium and calcium; and it is the exchange of ions between the fibers that ensures contraction or relaxation.

When muscle fibers lack oxygen, they then produce too much lactic acid, the effort becomes more difficult, then calcium ion is released, muscle relaxation is no longer performed and a cramp occurs!

Lack of water:

судорога гидратации

You can drink from 1 liter to 1.5 liters of water per day, this is not enough (for non-athletes)!

An athlete needs to rely on 2 to 3 liters of water per day to optimize water intake.

Drinking a lot is one of the elements that prevent cramps.

Cancer and seizures:

There may be an indirect link between cancer treatment and the onset of seizures in general metabolic changes in humans.

These changes can be caused by cancer and / or its treatment.

Hormonal and chemotherapy treatments can alter the overall metabolism and, in particular, the exchange of cells and ions (calcium, sodium, potassium).

Muscle overload:

The day before the cramps, the muscles may have been too strong.

An inactive person who starts walking a lot runs the risk of spasm, his muscles are not used to relaxing.

At night, the muscles do not completely relax, and this is the appearance of a cramp!

Muscle Cramps: Causes and Remedies Based on Latest Science

Alcohol can cause seizures:

Alcohol promotes dehydration and alters the metabolism of the cell field.


Lactic acid:

Acid Lactic acid in muscles is one of the causes of cramps, but it is by no means the cause.

There is no universal reason.

How to get spasm?

Do not use a cold that will contract muscles and reduce vascularization. .

The first thing to do is to gently and gradually stretch the muscle, holding this position long enough to hold out.

Difference between seizure and disorder:

Destruction is damage to muscle fibers.

a spasm is not a lesion, but muscle contracture is difficult to resolve. It is reversible.

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