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CrossFit is a hit in France.

The trend in this sport is to combine movements at a more or less rhythmic pace. less intense depending on the level of each.

Imported from the USA CrossFit (crossfitness) is similar to military exercises.

The practitioner expands his boundaries, regardless of his entry level!

CrossFit is more than a sport:

CrossFit practitioners strive to transcend themselves, their lifestyles and healthy lifestyles in this sport.

Besides being physically active, it is also a way to take care of yourself by focusing on your diet based on fruits, green vegetables, and proteins.

A little history of CrossFit:

1974: Greg Glassman incorporates new teaching methods into his private teaching in California.

1995: The 1st CrossFit Community is born in Santa Cruz, California.

2001: The site is launched and thanks to the Internet, the world can access a large number of exercises and demos.

The site also offers the opportunity to communicate with other members of the community being created!

2002: The cross-match journal is available by subscription.

2007: The first Crossfit games are organized! 40 athletes and 20 athletes compete for the first time at Fragrances in California.

2010: Crossfit Games are dispatched to Home Depot in Los Angeles, California. Reebok and Crossfit sign a multi-year partnership to tailor workouts for everyone!

2011: Free. over 26,000 athletes from all over the world took part in the Reebok / Crossfit Open. This is the 1st qualifying round of the famous Reebok games | CrossFit 2011.

World Scorecards are available online, so everyone can compare themselves.

2015: Stars have been born over the years and are widely used on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), including:

  • Rich Froning Jr.
  • Camille LeBlanc Bazinette

What is CrossFit WOD?

Wod is defined as: Workout of the Day

So this is the exercise of the day.

There are thousands of wooden, as many exercises (movements) as possible.

Crossfit Program:

Finding a program on the Internet is easy. e crossfit.

You can compose them yourself by adding different chains of exercises (superset).

A session usually lasts 35 to 45 minutes (rest / stretching included).

CrossFit Exercises:

The number of crossfit exercises is very large. The most common ones are:

  • squats
  • front squats
  • Overhead Squats
  • shoulder press
  • Pushing the press
  • Pushing the lever
  • Traction rod (thrust)
  • Row Sumo Row, High Row
  • Cleaning the middle ball


  • Abs
  • Quarter
  • Clear
  • Toes to the bar
  • Box jump
  • Swing
  • Plunge into the box
  • Ancillary failure
  • Ski jumping
  • Jumping rope
  • Pull out the ring
  • Assisted Lift
  • Severe lifting
  • rapid upward pull
  • Pulling up
  • Burpee
  • Powerful dash
  • Powerful dash
  • Dash
  • Hanging dash
  • Turkish rise
  • Headstand
  • Box headstand
  • Sit down
  • My God sit down
  • Hip-hip joint
  • Rower
  • High Back Squat
  • Bench press (bench press)
  • Squats (knee to shoulder)
  • Wall ball
  • Tabs (slots)
  • Double bottom
  • Hang up clean
  • Power clean
  • Clear (off the shoulders)
  • Smr

What is CrossFit? And is it right for you? Here's what you need to know

Is CrossFit Dangerous For Your Health?

As with any sport, CrossFit requires appropriate training.

Indeed, intense efforts can cause, especially in beginners (neophyte), nausea in the first class. .

The problem is that nausea can lead to fainting.

However, when practiced in a professional setting, CrossFit is no more dangerous than any other form of strength / endurance.

Chain exercises and exercises during the week can lead to muscle tears, joint pathologies, metabolic pathologies.

It’s your body that needs time to rest – this is the foundation of fitness and bodybuilding!

Be attentive and listen to your body.

Reebok and crossfit:

Reebok (CMG Sports Club partner) has been sweeping this universe for several years and today is achieving some success:

  • Crossfit Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Event Organization (CrossFit Games)

Reebok + Crossfit = winning duo!

In order to reach a large audience, the brand offers initiations to learn how to perform movements long before any training.

6 The watches offered allow you to flex and take full advantage of CrossFit.

An important initiative because posture changes everything!

You can find a crossfit room (called Box) in different cities in France:

  • Paris: Reebok Box du Louvre (opened 2012)
  • Le Havre: Accrosport les Docks Vauban
  • Rennes (opening 2012)
  • Lyon (opening 2012)
  • Bordeaux: CrossFit Bodeaux à Cenon

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