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Whey Protein: How To Choose It?

They are contained in powder and are sometimes packaged in capsules as nutritional supplements. Proteins, commonly referred to as “prot” proteins, are the leading bodybuilding products in high demand. , crossfit, bodybuilding, etc. mainly to optimize muscle growth.

Safe protein as a dietary supplement is unnecessary, but above all very practical!

Whey protein is the most consumed protein in the world and by far one of the most effective, we still need to know when to consume it.

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Different types of protein:

There are different types of protein:

  • Milk Protein: Casein + Whey
  • Hydrolysates or hydrolyzed protein
  • Egg white
  • Soy protein
  • Beef Protein Powder: Shit!

Peptides are short fragments of proteins of natural or artificial origin, consisting of 2-3 or more amino acid residues linked by a peptide bond. Read about peptides here.

What is serum?

From English “whey protein” is translated as “whey protein” otein de lait.

Whey means whey in English.

So, there are different names for Whey:

  • Whey Protein
  • Whey Protein
  • Powdered whey
  • Lactalbumin

Serum or whey is the surface liquid found in yogurt.

The amino acids in whey are the most absorbed by the body.

Typically, whey is anhydrous milk.

This infographic shows the steps for making whey.

It is interesting to note that whey producers today are making a lot of money from what was once a waste of time.

Different types of whey:

Whey Concentrate:

Contrary to what its name suggests, this is the first price, the cheapest because least filtered, it’s the bottom of the range!

This “whey protein concentrate” has a protein concentration of less than 90%.

Whey Concentrate contains a concentration of lactose that can cause digestive problems ranging from bloating to upset stomach.

Lactic or native whey:

Made from milk without going through the creation stage. cheese.

The result is less amino acid breakdown.

Whey is GMP free.

It’s more expensive than cheese whey.

cheese whey:

cheese whey is most commonly used.

If your protein jar does not show any indication of origin that it is cheese whey!

From the waste of cheese production, its price is therefore lower.

BCAA cheese whey are low in leucine, which is a serious drawback.

Whey hydrolyzate:

This is the most expensive type of protein.

It is pre-absorbed by enzymes.

Artificial flavors are always added, without which your hydrolyzed whey will taste like vomit.

Causes digestive upset after consuming a certain dose, adding to this the high price, it is consumed less and less and is available.

Whey Isolates:

More filtered than concentrated serum, it is faster and, speaking faster, says “beware of the risk of hypoglycemia.”

This whey isolate is over 90% concentrated in protein and is lactose free.

Whey Protein - Supplement Facts & Safety | Live Science

Why is there such a risk of hypoglycemia?

In practice, you just have to imagine the amino acids entering the bloodstream by taking in the fast-digesting protein and carbohydrates that make up your protein, or what you have added (like oatmeal). Your body will respond with dramatic increases in insulin levels.

This is why those who take fast-digesting protein before exercise (indeed, with carbohydrates) felt like they were fishing during exercise, but that they were mentally elsewhere is hypoglycemia. This is a blow. This sometimes happens with isolate, for example.

The body does not like to massively receive one or more elements into the blood.

Effects of Serum on Muscles:

Serum allows hypertrophy and hyperplasia (that is, the increase in new muscle cells) by increasing the activation of muscle stem cells.

According to a 2005 Farnfils study, taking 25g of whey immediately post-workout for 12 weeks has 35% higher stem cell activation than a placebo.

Burke’s 2001 study shows that taking 1.2 grams per kilogram of body weight gains 2.3 kg of muscle in 6 weeks, compared to 900 grams of muscle for those taking a placebo (maltodextrin).

Protein Powder Benefits:

There is only one benefit to consuming a protein powder: it’s practical!

In your shaker, you can take your protein anywhere. It’s inevitably easier than making Tupperware with hard boiled eggs or opening a can of tuna!

Digest Fast!

Protein contained in so-called “solid” food (opposite to your shakers’ prototypes), if taken immediately after your strength training, fitness, crossfit, etc. digestion and, therefore, getting into the blood and muscles will take longer than dehydrated protein added to liquid, water, or milk.

Difference Between Whey and Total Milk Protein:

The main difference is the speed of digestion.

Total milk protein consists of the following components:

  • 20% whey (native: therefore comes from milk and does not go to the cheesemaker)
  • 80% casein

Does the serum make you fat?

No, whey is not meant to make you fat.

Essentially, it is a protein and energy source for your sport or daily life.

Slimming serum?

Likewise, the serum is not meant to make you lose weight.

More generally, you will only lose weight with a varied, balanced diet and exercise.

Note that whey is more interesting than casein for building muscle, strength, and melting fat (2006 Cribb study).

Where to buy serum?

You can easily find your serum vessel in a physical store like Décathlon, Fitness Boutique and other supplement stores.

However, we can only advise you on the Nutrimuscle website, a quality assurance, and therefore the price per kilogram largely competes with American proteins that do not provide the same level of rigor.

For small wallets, we recommend Myprotein, an English-language site with good value for money!

Which serum brand to choose?

Scitec, Gold Standard,… are the most common brands.

We always recommend the Nutrimuscle and MyProtein options.

Waiting for other brands to show white legs and you get what you paid for!

Expensive low quality protein!

These are marketing friends!

The more you buy a well-known brand, the more you pay for it.

Advertising attracts customers and their money, this money always creates more advertising.

Where can I find organic whey?

Whey bio proteine

Our editorial favorite is Nutrimuscle Bioactive Serum!

Certificates, names of available suppliers, non-GMO, non-GMP (GlycoMacroPeptides), etc. You can go there with your eyes closed and delivery will be very fast.

Please note that there is no natural organic whey.

When to take whey protein?

We receive this question very regularly.

When do we wake up?

We logically advise you to consume a good dose of whey protein in the morning on an empty stomach.

Indeed, after an overnight fast to nourish your body with protein and also ensure your muscles are contributing.

Before bed?

Ideally we recommend casein, a slow protein, rather than whey (fast protein) before bed.

Casein will help digest your proteins overnight or nearly all.

Before training?

If you read the article from the beginning, you will immediately have an answer.

You can eat whey before training, but its rapid absorption will quickly give you energy, but above all, the blow of the club corresponding to hypoglycemia, more or less severe, not everyone responds the same.

During training?

Due to the response from insulin, we can only advise you not to consume serum during your workouts to avoid the risk of hypoglycemia.

Immediately after training?

We are not all equal.

Some people can’t swallow anything after exercise.

The blood that normally circulates in the veins of the muscles gets a little distracted during the session, and your digestive system, which needs this blood, then “relaxes”.

This is why sometimes it takes a while for a person to eat food after a walk compared to others. The same goes for a whey shaker.

This is a matter of personal feelings.

How much whey should you consume?

quantité de whey

A recent study (Pennings B. Exercise before protein intake allows for greater use of amino acids derived from dietary proteins for de novo muscle protein synthesis in both young and older men.) Showed that when you consume 20 grams of protein :

  • your body uses 10 grams to renew its own cells
  • Remaining 10 grams for your muscles

Therefore, your proteins are largely diverted by your digestive system.

It is advisable to consume 1, 2 to 2 g per kg of body weight / day, depending on your muscle activity.

Amount of Protein in Bodybuilding:

  • 1 2 to 1.6 g per kg bw / day: to maintain weight
  • 1.6 to 2 g per kg bw / day: for weight development
  • 1.5-2 g / kg bw / day: during dry periods to avoid muscle wasting

Serum for women:

Serum can of course be consumed by both men and women.

Don’t fall for the marketing by highlighting a special serum for women!

Good taste = quality?

There are many flavors (vanilla, chocolate, red fruit, punch, ….).

Attention, good taste is not a guarantee of quality …

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