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Running tip: fun running

8.5 million French people (20% of the population) practice running or jogging, whether you need to improve your physical condition, health, weight loss, or just feel good.

Easy to practice, inexpensive, running, compatible with busy schedules.

So I’m going to give you my advice on how to equip yourself correctly?
How to get started?
How to avoid injury?

How to choose sneakers?

Some clients have told me that they choose sneakers 2 sizes taller. Then no, you must choose the right shoe for you.

Before the start of the race, stage 1 is good to be well equipped!

There is a huge selection on the shelves! How do I find my way?

Indeed, it is instinctively difficult to choose between a thick or thin sole, with a notched sole or not, or even with a flexible or more stable sole.

Before choosing shoes for your foot, you must know your foot.

If 95% of runners have max stride attack (extended leg).

Then the heel absorbs 3 to 5 times your weight.
So you need a pair of shoes with good cushioning in the heel.

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The heavier you are, the more cushioning should be.

Price is not the most important parameter, very expensive shoes are not necessarily great shoes, especially it is necessary that the shoes are adapted to the characteristics of the runner.

In general, the price range for good shoes starts from 100 € and can cost up to 180 €.

Don’t choose cheap sneakers, choose quality, it’s very important!

Where to buy a running pair?

1 I can only advise you to go to specialized running stores.

2 Then you can go to the sports store: decathlon, play sports.

3 Finally, you can buy your shoes online (and running clothes).

Basically, the best thing is to be able to test. In specialty stores, they can offer you tests to find out your shock absorption, stride attack, etc.

At sports stores like Go Sport, you can put on your sneakers fully and run down the aisles. to give you an idea of ​​your feelings.

Finally, online, you may prefer the types of models that you previously tested in a specialty store or sports store.

Should you run with toes or good soles?

This question often arises. Do you need a good outsole with good cushioning, or are you using shoes that you see all over your toes and that only offer thin soles?

Everything will depend on your body type and your goals.

If you’re heavy: you need good cushioning! To avoid the effects on the joints (knees, back, etc.).

This should be firm damping, avoid coil or spring damping.

Is running inside on a carpet as effective as running outside?

Technically (gesture), it’s also effective.

Running on carpet has various benefits:

  • Normal step
  • Flat surface
  • Carpet cushioning (impact)

Polycomp Jogging Track - Melos GmbH

The only downside to carpet running:


In other words, when you run on uneven ground, your legs force your legs to adapt to the terrain, sending information to your brain that will make your muscles contract.

On carpet, a repeated gesture without roughness will not be allowed, try working on this proprioception.

Therefore, adaptation is less.

If you have no problems with articulation, etc. I advise you to use parks and forests to go outside.

Best Running Accessories:

It is important to have good running shoes, breathable or warm winter clothing, but accessories such as a helmet, headband, etc. can be selected to improve your run.

Here you will find our best 7 iPhone running accessories.

The health benefits of running are significant:

  • Improving your physical condition
  • Boost morale
  • Reduce your risk of developing certain diseases

Running from cholesterol?

Indeed, running is great for lowering cholesterol levels.

It has been scientifically proven that any endurance reduces and stabilizes cholesterol levels, and in diabetes, endurance reduces and stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Thus, medication may eventually be reduced.

Physical activity is good for the brain:

All brain adaptation mechanisms (except endorphins) + more oxygen entering the brain helps to “optimize” all the connections in the body.

Recent scientific research clearly shows that running is really good for the brain and body in general.

How to get back to sports?

Whether you’re a beginner or not, athletic or not, you shouldn’t run with your head down, but there are some basic rules to follow, such as warming up and hydrating.

Warm up should be at least 10 minutes or more in winter.

Here is a Youtube video that explains how to avoid some of the most common mistakes and how to do it well. warm-up:

It is clear that in winter, when it is cold, there is less desire to put your nose outside.

It’s always a matter of the mind, you have to say “I’m going to have some fun.”

Doing your running session for your enjoyment is truly personal satisfaction.

How long does it take to have fun?

To ultimately experience the pleasure and therefore the release of endorphins, you should work for at least 45 minutes.

The same goes for the good of the heart, etc., you must run for at least 30 minutes.

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