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How to choose your weighing room?

No matter what time of the year, there is always time to sign up for a gym to start taking care of your health and your physical condition. I will try to give you food for thought to help you choose the right gym, gym, gym, gym (choose the term you like best). Follow the […]

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Bodybuilding: Is Alcohol Damaging Your Body?

Does alcohol inhibit fat burning? Is there some truth in the famous “beer belly”? Find out if alcohol is holding you back from your dream body. You may have somehow learned that alcohol is a central nervous system antidepressant that can cause intoxication and harm you in any way, including if you are a bodybuilder […]

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Are we eating too much protein?

Proteins (consisting of amino acids) are found in eggs, fish, meat, bread, lentils, dairy products. Be it animals or vegetables, they are important for our body and play an important role in building and renewing muscles, as well as skin and bones! In the West, protein deficiency is rare, we even tend to consume too […]

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Muscle spasm: causes and solutions

Whether it’s sports, full sleep (the famous night cramps) or other, sometimes acute pains, overwhelm you. calf, leg, leg, look no further, it’s a cramp! Cramping often occurs during exercise. Stretching and straining can also damage your muscles, but cramping is harmless. So what can you do to limit your seizures? What are the factors […]

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How to make pecs and triceps pips?

In bodybuilding, fitness, indoors or at home, failure is the premier muscle-building exercise in sports that fits seamlessly into a resistance training program. This basic two-way movement targets different muscle groups. In this article, we’ll teach you (tips, precautions, techniques) everything you need to achieve optimal bounce! What failures? This is a basic exercise in […]

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Crossfit, program, waters and exercises

CrossFit is a hit in France. The trend in this sport is to combine movements at a more or less rhythmic pace. less intense depending on the level of each. Imported from the USA CrossFit (crossfitness) is similar to military exercises. The practitioner expands his boundaries, regardless of his entry level! CrossFit is more than […]

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Pregnancy and sports

When a pregnant woman often wonders about sports. Regardless of whether you exercise or not, you tell yourself that it’s good not to completely relax during pregnancy so that you don’t have too much physical and nutritional work afterwards.;) You may be pregnant and not give up your body movements, which is currently recommended even […]

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Grid Foam Roller Massage Roller Exercise

We see this more and more often in our gyms, on Instagram, in Décathlon, Go Sport, Intersport and other stores. The Grid Foam Roller is a renowned foam roller that will allow you to relax, relieve muscle pain and tension. I’ll show you how to become, I hope, your best ally with exercise videos and […]

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Oatmeal and bran: benefits, dosage, amount

The French consume 2 times less fiber than the recommendations of the National Healthy Eating Program! For his health, his digestion and bodybuilding health, oats and bran are highly recommended for their nutritional qualities. for your health and / or for bodybuilding, fitness, crossfit, cereals very interesting! How to use oats? Where to buy oatmeal? […]

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Top 8 fish / seafood with the highest protein content

Protein is an essential nutrient for building muscle. It helps maintain, develop, and repair muscle mass. However, it must be consumed to a certain extent, and the excess is eliminated by the body. Proteins are necessary for every person for the proper functioning of his body. Top 8 Protein Fish: Eating fish is very interesting […]