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Nutritional analysis of your 53 favorite drinks and sodas

Would you eat 5 sugars at the same time?

A French person consumes an average of 1.5 liters of sugary drink a week, or 27 lumps of sugar.

The entire world consciously knows that drinks such as fruit juices, sodas, colas, etc. are certainly not good for your health.

And yet, many people consume them on a daily basis.

If sometimes the packaging seems to indicate that the product is healthy … We are far from it!

Discover the analyzed 53 drinks and see the results together.

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nombre de sucre coca cola

Of the 53 drinks analyzed by the excellent Que Choisir magazine, the average amount of sugars in a glass is 4!

Please note that beverages state that they do not contain added sugars. Does not in any way mean that they do not contain fruits. This applies to smoothies and fruit juices.

Fruit is often highlighted in product marketing, so you feel like you are consuming fruit juice. Let’s be realistic, there is sugar behind these beautiful bottles, these beautiful images, etc.

The addition of sugar is far from insignificant, especially for:

  • Coke and soda of course
  • Cranberry drinks
  • Energy drinks are the worst

The danger is that many people regularly consume these sugary drinks.

Indeed, according to INSEE, consumption of sugary drinks increased by 6 between 1960 and 2000. This is huge!

Who are the consumers of sugary drinks?

In 2003, 28% of people over 55 said they ate fruit juices and nectar.

In 2013, 43% of people over 55 said they used fruit juice and nectar.

Young people abuse these sugary drinks. Many of them do not like drinking water and are not aware of the huge calorie intake of sugary drinks, especially when beautiful fruits such as fruit juices and smoothies stand out on the packaging.

Indeed, it has been proven that young people are fooled by advertising that sees only natural products in fruit juices, making them forget about any concept of sugar.

What are the health risks of sugar?

We’ve already brought you various articles on the dangers of sugar here.

Health risks include the following:

  • Undeniable Cardiovascular Risks
  • Increased incidence of obesity
  • An increase (+ 5% per year) in the incidence of type 2 diabetes (lean and overweight)
  • liver fat accumulation
  • Accumulation of muscle fat

Note that you can store fat in your liver and muscles without being physically large.

Consumers still have not realized the real health risks of these drinks.

We have to put the mind in front of pleasant sensations.

Be aware that sugars in drinks and liquids are therefore not counted as a mechanism for regulating your appetite.


When you drink these drinks, your pancreas is bombarded with a huge amount of sugar, resulting in an excess of insulin that runs out over time. Due to diabetes.

In the 70s, the French had diabetes for about 50-55 years, versus 40 today.

In focus: Summer soft drinks

Acidity: an important factor for teeth

Few people know about this, but acidity is a formidable enemy of teeth.

Experts have noted worsening dental erosion in their patients, especially in young people who consume sugary drinks throughout the day. .

The sugar in these drinks contributes to the appearance of cavities and is sour (especially in cola), contributes to the erosion of the enamel (irreversible).

Your saliva initially helps fight acidity in your mouth. However, by consuming these drinks, saliva can no longer do its job properly and Carrie may then appear.

So-called “light” drinks are just as acidic for your teeth!

Which drink in this category should you prefer?

The least sugary drinks are:

  • Waters flavored: this is the least sweet of the choices
  • Volvic Juicy: because it contains more water and therefore less room for sugar
  • Iced tea: too much sugar consumed by adults will not taste good

Learning 53 sugary drinks:

To read the table correctly:

  • Sugar: turns into sugar lumps for better analysis (for 25 ml glass).
  • Acidity: pH measurement
  • Additives: colorants, preservatives, acidifiers, sweeteners, etc.
  • Fruit / Fiber / Vitamin C: As Labeled Statement

In conclusion:

Although we would advise you not to consume these drinks, we are not stupid.

Otherwise, we can not only advise you to consume the least sweetened drinks and therefore flavored water.

Soda should be avoided as best as possible!

Also, don’t use it every day if you want to stay healthy.

These drinks may remain a punctual treat, but should never become a moisturizer.

Don’t be fooled by the mention of “Light,” which has not yet been demonstrated to have an effect on obesity.

Finally, if you practice sports like bodybuilding, fitness, etc. and have health and wellness goals, you can no longer ignore this research.

Ban energy drinks that are the richest in sugar and high in caffeine.

Take control, change, drink some water!

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