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How to remove cellulite?

This applies to 85% to 90% of women and 5% of men.

This is the complex we want to get rid of, especially with the arrival of sunny days.

While being overweight contributes, it also affects thin people.

It is about poor distribution of fat cells under the skin.

Creams, devices, tights. Anti-cellulite solutions that flood the market, are they effective?

What to think about the different treatments?

skin layers:

Epidermis: the surface layer of the skin that will determine the color

Derm: rich in elastic fibers and collagen

Hypodermis: yellow and contains fat cells

It is common in the hypodermis that the cell will develop ulitis.

Adipocytes of the hypodermis are organized into clusters separated by septa of connective tissue.

Fat Cellulite:

type de cellulite

When you eat a diet rich in fat, the adipocytes get too greedy, get bigger, pass through the septa and push the skin upward, forming small bumps, this is the famous orange peel that develops into a cellulite called fatty.

This cellulite usually appears on:

  • buttocks
  • thighs (buttocks)

When touched, this type of cellulite is soft and non-damaging.

Water cellulite:

When other skin cells swell when storing water, this is called water cellulite.

This can be seen on:

  • ankles
  • calves
  • thighs
  • hands

Appears in people with poor venous and lymphatic circulation or very sedentary.

Fibrous cellulite:

The collagen fibers surrounding the fat cells can become stiff, disrupting the distribution of fat cells and leading to another type of cellulite: fibrous cellulite.

This is visible on:

When the skin is pinched, this cellulite is hard and painful.

Whether it is fatty, watery or fibrous, cellulite is usually difficult to remove once installed.

Where does this fat come from?

What fat produces is a dietary imbalance in energy balance.

Therefore, fat is converted to excess fat in the diet or excess sugar in the diet.

Are diets useless against cellulite?

Besides fat women, there are many profiles of pretty skinny women in the upper body, generous in the hips and lower body, and indeed, when they restrict food, they are going to expand even more at the upper body level and maintain this imbalance.

They will lose fat through diet, but not where they want to.

Cellulite is the so-called “resistant” fat, for diet and exercise.

Role of hormones:

Hormones interfere but do not create cellulite by themselves, but they do affect fat distribution.

Female hormones will affect fat distribution. in the lower body (gynoid fat).

Whereas in men, when you have excess fat, it first settles on the upper body.

Basically, all so-called anabolic hormones can play a role.

Cellulite on hands:

This is often an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone.

This is what will determine the increase in the permeability of small vessels, which “we call capillaries.

This will promote water retention of cellulite.

Hormones play to retain water.

drainage might be interesting in this case.

Cellulite in humans:

5% of men have cellulite.

The hormonal aspect plays, of course.

A man may indeed have hormonal imbalances.

Mostly female hormones are involved, but other hormones play a role in body fat such as the thyroid gland.

When you are hypothyroid, you tend to store fat.

All so-called anabolic hormones can play a role.

If you skip this, the body can store fat.

Cellulite and sports:

Even among the best athletes, we see bodies in the shell and sculpting on top of the Body except the thighs.

Sport is very important, but it is especially beneficial for the heart / lung pair and overall tone.

We consume 0.6 to 0.8 grams of fat per minute of sports!

And again 35 to 40 minutes (lipox: the time you start to burn fat).

fat burners:

Our advice: don’t waste, don’t go into the fire and save your money!

The main principle is to play on appetite regulators. The products have been phased out.

The principle of fat burning is to activate lipolysis, the melting of fats.

The enzymes then convert the fats underneath so the skin contains free fatty acids and glycerin.

Burners exist but have side effects.

Palpation mechanical and manual rolling against cellulite:

Hand roll palpation. Mechanical Palpation Roll
This manual massage is known to be effective against cellulite.

The session begins with a draining massage that activates the lymphatic and venous circulation.

Then he begins to palpate it, a toning and deep massage aimed at eliminating cellulite.

A professional (such as a physical therapist) takes a fold of skin and rolls it under his fingers.

Purpose: Break down fatty tissue to reduce the appearance of orange peel on the skin.

Count between 5 and 8 sessions of 30 minutes each to hopefully get the first results, and the price of a session varies between € 40 and € 50.

Efficiency of palpate roll:

The palpate roller is draining and therefore effective against water retention to soften tissues (ex: fibr dare), more difficult on fat.

Indeed, it is very difficult to mobilize fat in adipocytes.

Is pressotherapy effective against cellulite?

A new apparatus has appeared in aesthetic offices and physiotherapists, the purpose of which is to get rid of cellulite by combining two methods:

  • pressotherapy
  • electromagnetic stimulation

If results are not shown, because the technique is recent, on fibrous cellulite, it is very effective!


This technique uses cold.

The doctor uses a suction cup that sucks the ball, then 2 ° of cold is injected and gradually destroys the fat cells. 40% of fat cells will be destroyed permanently (20% according to scientific research).

After 1 hour, the suction cup is removed. The area is massaged to reactivate blood circulation.

It takes about 1 month to get the first results.

Usually 1 session is required and it takes between 450 € and 650 € depending on the area to be treated.

Efficiency of cryolipolysis?

C “The method, which was launched in 2009, is under development because it has a demonstration base, that is, scientific publications.

Research announces a 20% reduction in fat cells, not 40%.

Only one ball is treated and the method is only valid for fat cellulite.

Remember that the machine affects the (local) bulges, but not the saddlebags!

Research shows good results: the disappearance of 15 to 20% of the bulge cells.

You still need 3 to 5 sessions …

However, the price is too high, while the c car is already cheaper than the famous Cellu M6, palpate and roll …


This method has been around for over 30 years.

Three criteria must be met for good performance:

  • Good quality leather
  • Fat Cellulite
  • Localized cellulite

After surgery, you should of course continue to eat a balanced diet.

How the Operation takes place:

The surgeon injects a mixture of physiological serum and adrenaline into the tissues, which limits bleeding and facilitates aspiration. fat.

Small incisions will be made to allow the cannulas and fat to pass.

The surgeon controls the fat thickness throughout the procedure to achieve perfect symmetry.

Avoid Cellulite During Pregnancy:

The more weight you put on, the higher your risk of cellulite, that makes sense.

If you are gaining 12 pounds, it shouldn’t be a problem, but some women are gaining 25 pounds and you should lose them later.

You have to be careful with the quality of the food you eat.

Research has also shown that a woman who eats too much sugar during pregnancy predisposes her baby to diabetes.


mésothérapie cellulite

The highly condemned mesotherapy consists of injecting the product with small needles.

At that time, some of the products used were unauthorized and excluded. the last one, which was banned (for a good workout we recommend Drostanolon preis), was based on soy lecithin and, in particular, on the deoxycholate molecule, which had the ability to break apart fat cells, but also damaged muscle and nerve cells.

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