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Fitness clothing for women

The renowned JustFab recently launched a new online sales site for women’s sportswear in partnership with Kate Hudson: Fabletics.

The site announces a new way of shopping.

I wanted more details … Follow the instructions!

can you find in Fabletics?

Fabletics brings you clothes:

  • Zumba clothing
  • sportswear
  • Fitness Clothing
  • Yoga Pants
  • Zumba Pants
  • T-shirt
  • Sweat
  • Leggings
  • Etc.

The brand offers sportswear with high quality and fashionable textiles.

Adapted to all body types, Fabletics clothing can be worn every day, not only bringing back the sporty look, but also Dance and style.

Here is a video showing the women’s tracksuits proposed in July 2015:

Fabletics Clothing Quality:

The brand promises textiles of the same quality as the main sports brands, with the same technologies:

  • Extensible
  • Antitranspirant
  • etc.

I didn’t have the parts in my hands, but in all Objectively, it is really possible to offer sportswear of the same quality to big brands like Nike or Adidas.

Keith Hudson, Fabletics Co-Founder:

Many have discovered this in a TV commercial for Fabletics (a pretty fictional story):

Videos for the future

Who is Kate Hudson?

Kate Katie Gary Hudson is a 36-year-old young woman (at the time of this writing), born on April 19, 1979 in Los Angeles, California.

In 2000, she received a dedication in the film “Almost Famous”, earning her a Golden Globe for Best Actress for a supporting role.

Keith Hudson wanted to put women first, regardless of their morphology.

Style in sports or sportswear in everyday life was one of the main goals!

Elegant, slightly sexy, functional, etc. or all at the same time, Kate wanted to create clothing for sports as well as for moments of everyday life:

  • drop or take your kids to school
  • Shopping
  • Rest at home
  • Lunch with friends
  • Etc.

Fabletics Clothing Review - Must Read This Before Buying

Keith’s challenge:

Kate explains that her biggest challenge was designing clothes to adapt to every figure, whether you are slim, crooked, athletic, …

All women should feel good in their clothes!

Kate is athletic, doing yoga, cycling, fitness, running and dancing.

She also aimed to offer quality tracksuits at very attractive prices that can be worn every day. days in style.

Different ways to shop on Fabletics:

There are two ways to shop with Fabletics:

  • Shopping as Basic Member
  • Shopping as that VIP member

VIP Group Membership Operation and Benefits:

So what? How does it work?

Every 1st month of the month, you receive an email selection adapted to your physical criteria, tastes, lifestyle, and more (via a quiz, which I will discuss later).

Then you can take advantage of outfits with a discount of up to -40%, that is, outfits from 49.95 euros.

If you don’t like any outfit, you just click “not this month” by the 5th of the month and you will not be charged.
So be careful with your emails ….

If you forget to click “not this month” before the 5th of the month, you will then be charged a sixth amount of € 49.95 and transferred to your Fabletics credit account.
This amount will then be reused on the site.

In conclusion, she should be responsive in her letters and like to change clothes regularly (which I have no doubt about)

If you are a fan of sportswear, fitness, Zumba, etc. DARK!

Please note the following additional benefits:

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time
  • -60% off the first product you buy
  • Free shipping and exchange
  • Earn loyalty points

To cancel your subscription, simply contact Fabletics Support at the following phone number: (premium call damage).

Delivery to Fabletics:

Delivery is carried out via a repeater: 5 working days

You can choose UPS to ship within 48-72 hours for € 3.95 (for those in the fastest hurry).

Fabletics Points System:

In Fabletics you can earn points in different ways:

  • Sponsoring: a goddaughter who signs up for a VIP earns you 500 loyalty points
  • Shopping: 1 € spent represents 2 loyalty points
  • Leave a comment: every opinion posted on a garment offers 20 loyalty points

1000 accumulated points offer 1 free Fabletics credit and therefore 1 free equipment!

Points are valid for 2 years on your account.

Famous Quizz Fabletics:

Before you start shopping, you must fill out a form with various questions, from your size to your lifestyle, as follows:

1 – What do you love to do to spend your energy?

2- Where do you like to play sports?

  • To yoga studio
  • Outdoors
  • In the gym
  • Home

3- What colors does peach give you? What colors do you like?

4- Which morphology best describes you?

  • Small
  • Narrow (precise)
  • Luscious
  • Athletic

5- I like to show ……. ?

  • My legs
  • My hands
  • My abs
  • I like to cover myself

If you want to select everything … not possible (damage # 2)

6- What size do you wear for the bottom / top / bras

You will then be asked to enter your name / email / password for your connection.

My Fabletics test and my opinion:

Fabletics is a very good site that we enjoy walking around and discovering the tracksuits on offer.

Clothes have a style, materials and methods are different (transparency, fishing net, racer, etc.).

We’re not going to lie, women who play any kind of sport, for example, take care of their clothes. and more and more.

Unless I have tested the quality of the garment, in line with the brand’s arguments and with observed prices (especially in VIP), Fabletics boasts a very good value for money.

To improve Fabletics:

I’m sorry there is no search bar. For example, I wanted to find my chosen outfit called Vénnous, so I had to do the whole site and all the sections to find it.

The quiz is too funnel on some issues, in my opinion, forces me to choose only one option, but I would like to select several.

There is no way to sort articles from different sections by price / color / novelty / etc. as on almost all modern e-commerce sites.

The only way to unsubscribe from the VIP program is to call customer support (no email) and plus a premium plan number!
By far the most negative point that can be easily improved.

On the forums, some customers say it was difficult for them to unsubscribe. I hope Fabletics will take these opinions into account to make it a must-have in sportswear as well as great customer service.

I can’t skip your comments and emails received on this article that point to curious issues with returns, direct debit issues, customer service.

I find it all very disturbing. All your emails have been forwarded to the brand. Everything is pink, clearly there are some gaps. Wellness Street is on your side!

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